Adding lowlights to hair is lesser known to the public at large but obviously as your hair color expert, we are well verse in performing their technique. Low highlights actually add hair color, making some strands darken. These are often placed adjacent to highlighted strands to produce a dramatic effect. We offer Lowlights work to make your hair color appear lighter while also adding dimension and depth to your hair. In other words, your tresses will appear thicker. Additionally, lowlights will also produce more natural looking hair color as your own head of hair has lighter and darker strands. Hair that is colored one shade of of blonde for example will not only look thinner, but also one dimensional. Ask your expert. Hair colorist in MilaMar about which highlight and lowlights are right on your hair.Not only can you incorporate darker shades of your base color ,you can add shades such as purple or teal for dramatic effect. Lowlights are often added in chunkier segments and are processed in a similar way to highlights.