Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

Your hair reflects the state of your inner health and well-being. Your hair is exposed to pollution, stress, seen exposure on a daily basis. Diet and life style, fatigue and stress, also take a toll on your hair causing, problems like hair fall, limp hair, and loss of shine. That’s why Milamar a beauty spa recommends a signature Hair Spa Treatment with your shampoo blow dry and style. These treatments help to cleanse, condition and nourish tired hair and restore life in them. If you want to treat yourself to a luxurious spa service but can barely make the time, then try our hair spa treatments. They will pamper your soul and give your healthy, shiny sexy hair. Customized treatments meet your personal needs-giving strands intense moisture or repair-restoring balance to the eco system of your scalp and hair.



Power Dose (color) treatment
Power Repair Lipidium
Power Cell Repair
Hair Spa
Hair Detox


Silk Essence

Regular Hair Spa Treatment