Facial Services

Skin Care

All Milamar facials for your skin and body begin with a professional consultation to better understand your needs.

Our philosophy at Milamar begins with providing an all-around positive and energized experience. We aim to alleviate one or more of these imbalanced elements by providing a unique experience using the highest standards and quality products, your spa therapist will design a treatment tailored to you to address a variety of skin concerns ranging from dryness to sensitivity to oiliness.

Your treatment will include customized product combination massage techniques and rituals of renewal to restore your skin based on it imbalance.

Milamar Energizing Facial

A Facial experience with a natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling smooth moisturized, reduce the appearance of the fine lines and diminish pore size while significantly increasing radiance-Facial focuses on concentrated blends of pure plant and flower essences to bring balance to all skin type.

Milamar spa facial

Enjoy the attentions of our energizing facial plus the therapeutic benefits of an extended massage and a tension-releasing foot and scalp massage treatment. This ideal combination of facial and body therapy leaves your skin clean and fully moisturized and your body refreshed.

Sensitive calming facial

A facial for the guest with a sensitive skin, this facial calm and condition skin that needs additional attention.

A facial experience that minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, visibly lifting and firming, helping skin looks its natural collagen and elastin production, moisturizing and improving clarity and eveness of skin tone.

Galvanic Facial

Facials are not just about spending a few hours getting pampered! Our hectic life style has made them a necessity rather than just a leisure beauty option. The journey to beauty begins with the right facial for your skin. Yes there a number of facials you could choose from and not just the usual fruit, gold or diamond! You can even try some offbeat facials like the galvanic facial.

Women interested to knock at the doors of their Zo’s youth must read on.

Amazing Benefits of Galvanic Facial:

✓ Goodbye to dullness- Focus on de-rooting dullness by increasing oxygen content in your skin.
✓ baby soft touch
✓ moisturizing manic
✓ Reduced wrinkles
✓ reduced fine lines
✓ lighter, firmer, and clearer complexion

feels like the holy grail of all beauty endeavors! It promise to make you younger, isn’t that what we all want?

Diamond Peel risks and benefits.

diamond peel+facial
Does your skin look tired dull all day?
Does the sight of wrinkles and the fine lines bother you? Do you hate seeing blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores every time you look in the mirror?

Skin care cause a lot of STRESS and its appearance may even lower your self-image. How-ever with the advancement of technology now a days, several skin treatments are made available to help you deal with these issues, and one of them is a process called diamond peel.


Produce collagen
Collagen is an important substance that makes your skin elastic and firm, and prevents the formation of fine lines.
✓ minimizes scars
a. acne scars
b. stretch marks
c. pigmentation
✓ removes blackheads
✓ improves skin conditions. Prevent skin from being oily leaving it clear smooth any young looking. Indeed diamond peel sessions can make significant changes in one’s skin.

How often can you do it?

The course maybe between 6-10 weeks while a 1-2 weeks break is usually had between session.

Pregnant and lactating women are not recommended to indulge the treatment.

It treats:
a. dark circle
b. dehydrated or dry skin
c. under eye crow’s feet
d. fine lines/wrinkles
e. open pores
f. dull skin that needs brightening
g. great for acne outbreaks
h. scarring
i. enlarged skin pores


✓ dryness
✓ itchiness
✓ sensitivity to the sun

Although these will all go away in a matter of days.

Make-Up Services

From our staff of professional make-up artists and skin care specialists to our elegant and comfortable atmosphere, every visit to Milamar a beauty spa is an experience in personalized luxury. Our goal is to provide an intimate and comfortable oasis. Where we know our clients personally and can offer them truly individualized services.

Women trust Milamar and her team to help them on the most important days of their lives-whether it be a bride on her wedding day, for prom, birthday party and more, Milamar and her team edit trends to accommodate multi-dimensional women-giving them the tips, tools and color palettes to move away from predictable and capture the essence of what it means to be “make-up”.

Milamar Make-up

Whether you’re attending a professional event, an important gala or a special party, our team of artists will perfect your look with a customized make-up application.

Eyebrow shaping

Get the perfectly polished look of eyebrow shaping.

Individual eyelash application

A subtle but striking enhancement to your total look-variety of lengths and shades to compliment any look. Strip lashes also available.

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension are synthetic, silk strands of hair individually attached to your natural eyelash using a special bonding agent. The extensions are applied approximately 1mm away from your skin and never comes in contact with it. Initial consultation is offered to customize your lashes before the service. Together will discuss your expectations and determine the type of lashes that are best suited for your life style. Our skin care specialists perform every set of eyelash extension to perfection, bringing you an amazing natural looking lashes that are made to impress.

Eyelash Perm

Eyelash perm: bigger, brighter eyes- no make-up required!

✓ Lashes are coated with a special adhesive and wrapped around mini foam rollers or equally diminutive heated clips.

✓ As you squeeze your eyes tightly short, a perming solution or cream is applied to your eyelashes with a tiny brush.

✓ The Skincare Tech then covers your roller-wrapped fringe in plastic wrap and lets the chemical concoction look for about 5 mins.

✓ After the perming chemicals have take full effect, on goes a neutralizing solution.

✓ More plastic wrap is applied.

✓ You sit for another few minute

✓ Voila: Curled lashes in a visit takes about 4 minutes.


A threading at Milamar is like no other, with highly skilled threading specialists that will quickly remove facial hair one follicle at a time to ensure the best results, especially when creating a shapely brows. An all natural experience that uses no harsh chemicals. Upon completion of the service, the threading specialist will provide a complimentary forehead massage ritual so you feel refreshed.

✓ Chin ✓ Eyebrows ✓ Neck ✓ Side burns ✓ Upper lip ✓ Full face

*Basic Facial
*Diamond Peel
*Dely’s Classic Facial

Add on:

*Collagen Mask
*Clay Mask
*Collagen and Vit-C/Serum
*Ear Cuddling
*Eyelash Extension
*Eyelash Perming